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Дмитрий Валерьевич Бисикало

Институт астрономии РАН

Shock waves in hot Jupiter atmospheres
D.V. Bisikalo

Hot Jupiter exoplanets, have a number of outstanding features, caused mostly by their proximity to the host star, e.g.: gas outflowing from the planet’s atmosphere to the star, as it happens in close binary stars. In addition, the short distance between the planet and the star results in a large planet’s orbital velocity. If this velocity exceeds the local sound speed a bow-shock forms ahead of the planet. Gas-dynamical modeling shows that, if the dynamical pressure of the stellar-wind is high enough to stop the outflow from the vicinity of the inner Lagrangian point, a quasi-closed non-spherical envelope, bounded by the bow-shock of a complex shape, forms in the system. In this report we discuss possible types of gaseous envelopes of hot Jupiters. We also consider the variations of flow patterns in the gaseous envelopes, occurring under the action of coronal mass ejections.

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