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Борис Михайлович Шустов

Институт астрономии РАН

Статус и астрофизические перспективы проекта Спектр-УФ (WSO-UV)

An international ultraviolet space observatory "Spektr-UF" (aka World Space Observatory – Ultraviolet, WSO-UV)) is being created in Russia and partner countries. The Russian and international scientific community is preparing for the fact that in the second half of the 2020-ies the multi-purpose observatory will become the main "ultraviolet window" to the Universe. In a brief review, the state of art of the project and prospects of astronomical observations in the ultraviolet range are discussed. Special attention is drawn to astrophysical problems that will most efficiently carried on with the "Spektr-UF". Possible synergy with X-ray space facilities is discussed.

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